Tour Operator: Lilja Tours 15 hours Travel method:   Jeep / 4x4 Region / Starts from: Capital Region

Private Super Jeep Tour to the Icelandic South Coast with Auroras Hunting

Discovery of the Icelandic South Coast

During the first part of our day, we will explore the southern shore of Iceland together. The south of Iceland is an astonishing display of waterfalls, glaciers and volcanic landscapes, all together. 

This mixity, between volcanoes and glaciers, is what makes the South Coast of Iceland so special and definitely contributes to the famous nickname of Iceland: The land of Fire and Ice

During this tour, we will visit many iconic sites, some of them being magical enough to have been chosen to shoot some scenes of Game Of Thrones

On our program are two of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland: Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss. Also, we will stop in the town of Vík, at the black sand beach of Reynisfjara and we will admire the glacier of Sólheimajökull.

Aurora Hunting

Before meeting you in the morning, your guide will have studied the weather forecasts in detail for the night. Thanks to his analysis and experience, he will determine the most likely area to see the Northern Lights. Basically, he will be searching for areas with clear skies, not covered with clouds. 

In the evening, he will drive you to this area and wait with a delicious cup of hot chocolate for the Northern Lights to show up. 

Besides clear skies, seeing the Northern Lights also requires luck and patience, and can never be 100% guaranteed. But the luckier you are, the less patient you need to be!

If the most promising area for the aurora hunting is located on the South Coast, you will stay in the area until the night comes. If your guide thinks that another area is more appropriate, he will determine with you if it is better to go back to town for dinner and rest and pick you up again later, or if you should rather drive there directly.

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What is included
  • Hot chocolate during the Northern Lights Hunt
Important information
  • Please bring clothes for all types of weather during the day, including proper footwear
  • Also bring warm clothes for the Northern Lights Hunt
  • The Northern Lights Hunt can happen in different areas, not necessarily in the Golden Circle, as stipulated in the description of the tour
  • The nights in Icelandic winters can be very cold, and we are going to stand outside for a long time. Please bring clothes accordingly.